internet tips for smart browsing

Internet is the part of everyday routine for a normal human being. We actually can not survive without the internet. In this post I am going to mention few tips of the internet for better browsing experience.

1] URL or Internet Address Tips: 

Whenever you want to access any website, you simply go and type the url (uniform resource locator) in the address bar of the browser. While entering you do not need to type http:// or https:// or www. in the address bar. Simply, you can write the name of the website e.g. , if the domain of the website has .com , .net you can simply use shortkeys.

For Dot com: Write name of the site, lets say google and press CTR + Enter
For Dot net: Write name of the site, lets say india and press SHIFT + Enter

2] How to move quickly between the fields of a form on any web page? 

While filling up online forms, you can easily move from one field to another field quickly by pressing Tab button. Tab can be used to go to next field and Shift + Tab can be used to go to the previous field.

Note: This applies to all the available objects such as text boxes, buttons and links.

Tip: With a drop-down box that lists dozens of options you can press the first letter to scroll down to that letter. For example, click the drop down box below and then press "u" to quickly scroll to Utah.

3] How to Play with the Tabs?

Want to switch between the tabs? or want to close a single tab using key board shortcut, here is the way:
To toggle among the open tabs in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or almost any other internet browser,
simply use CTR + T. You will be able to toggle from one tab to another.

If you want to close the open tab, Simply press CTR + W,  this will close the currently open tab. If there is only one tab open, it will close the Window. (you can user CTR + W in other programs as well)

4] More Browser shortcuts

There are a number of different shortcut keys available that make your browsing experience simple. Here is a list of few of such short keys.

  • Press Alt + D to move the cursor into the address bar. 
  •  Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or -to increase and decrease the size of text. Ctrl + 0 will reset the text. 
  • Press the backspace key or press Alt key + left arrow to go back a page. 
  • Press F5 to refresh or reload a web page. 
  • Press F11 to make the Internet browser screen full screen. Press F11 again to return to the normal view. 
  • Press Ctrl + B to open your Internet bookmarks. 
  • Press Ctrl + F to open the find box to search for text within the web page you are reading. 
5] Use Internet search engines to their full potential

Some times while searching, we do not get what actually we are looking for. When we use combination of words as key words, it searches all the occurrences of each word in the search. e.g. when you search Computer Tweaks, it will show pages having computer tweaks, computer and tweaks separately as well.
If you want strictly that the whole term should be present on the page; simply use a quote for searching. e.g. Use the previous search as "computer tweaks", it will now search pages having whole term.

I was all set to move to back to Pune, leaving a busy Mumbai Life behind. I had no business, almost no friends, nothing left in my bank account. Everything was lost in clearing the old office rent, my employees’ salaries, and couple of debts. But I believed, it was not the end. It was the first step towards my journey to still follow my passion, how so ever hard the life could be. I needed some peace, I needed myself to get some time and recharge myself. I came to Pune and stayed in a sharing apartment.

[Image Courtesy:]

My father has always taught me, “Never believe it’s an end, unless you are dead!” As soon as I reached, I called my father and informed him, and then I called my Girl Friend (now my wife, her name is Saba). I was over call for almost two hours. She tried to make me calm and relax. She tried to make me believe that I can still start a fresh. Well I started again and today condition is not that badJ

All I did was recollecting everything I had done in the past years. I sat for hours and hours to understand what mistakes I have made in my life. What were the things I dint focus and what were the things I need to focus. What can make my situation better and what can make it even worst. I made a list of dos and don’ts.  

During those days, Saba helped me come out of the bad memories I had. I worked hard, hard enough to clear my debts. I got associated with a new company on project sharing basis. They were established and I was skilled. It went really good. We have developed a product, which we will be launching soon. I still have debts, but I will clear in few days. I have also rented a new place to settle down here in pune with my newly wed wife. I am still getting stuff for the house.... 

Someone has said, “There is always a great value in disaster, you can start all over again.” I started all over again, and it helped me stabilize my life on professional as well as personal level. I got married to Saba. Well that’s a long story. It was a tough decision for me. But I simply dint want to lose her. We got married, its third month of our happily married life. By God she is pretty. She keeps me inspiring every day, she make me believe in my own work. She is my inspiration, she is my life.

It would have never been this way, if I would have not tried to start a new life. Here is my new life, a world that I wanted to live in. Things are getting better every day. I am working, she is working, and we stand for each other. We are about to launch a product, that will surely be a hit! That I believe, I totally believe!

Starting new, is always exciting. At the same time, its a challenge, whether you will succeed or not. Keeping aside all the worries and focusing on the good things that you know helps you a lot. Start new, start a fresh for a better future.


steve jobs
[Image Courtesy : WikiPedia]

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was a revolutionary person, he played an amazing role in bringing technology to common man. Focused to achieve goals, Jobs held numerous achievements that are considered as the milestones in the field of technology and entrepreneurship. Today at his Birthday, we are recalling his few achievements as a tribute to this legendary person.

Machintosh - the first personal computer-1984

apple machintosh

[Image Courtesy : Wired]

LaserWriter 1985

apple laser writer
[Image Courtesy : Wired]

The woderful iMac 1998

apple imac
[Image Courtesy : Wired]

 First Smart MP3 Player: iPod 2001

apple ipod mp3
[Image Courtesy : Wired]

The Game changer - Intel Macbook Pro 2006

intel macbook pro
[Image Courtesy : Wired]

 The revolutionary iPhone 2007

apple iphone
[Image Courtesy : Wired]

The ultimate Macbook Air:

macbook air
[Image Courtesy : Wired]

First Tablet of the world - Apple iPad

apple ipad
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The increasing demand for Adobe Acrobat PDF files is also giving rise to queries like how to export Outlook PST file’s data in PDF format. This is because PDF is considered as a safe and portable document to store data. Outlook being widely used email application is widely used by home as well as corporate users. Saving emails and other components of PST file in PDF format simplifies the task of the user to open and access data on free platforms like Adobe Reader. They can be simply open on mobile devices without requiring any specific platform.

PST to PDF converter tool is an excellent solution to export all PST file emails into PDF format along with embedded attachments. The tool will export all PST file emails in PDF format and create a separate PDF for each email. Users can export data even from corrupt PST file after properly scanning each item.

pst to pdf converter

Product Details And Activation Requirements

Full Name of the Tool: PST to PDF Converter
Current Version: 2.0
Size: 16.3 MB
Trial Mode: Yes
Basic Function: Convert multiple PST files data to Adobe PDF format


  • If you are using Windows Vista, 7,8 or 8.1 then run the tool as “Run as Administrator”
  • Hard disk space must be minimum of 20 MB
  • RAM should be of 512 MB but 1 GB is recommended to run the tool
  • Processor must be of 1 GHz but 2.4 GHz is recommended
  • All Windows Operating Systems including latest 8.1 or all below versions are supported

Promising Facilities With Tool 

  • Connvert Outlook PST file Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes into PDF format
  • Maintains emails formatting, folder hierarchy, and HTML formatting during conversion process
  • Help to convert corrupted, damaged and inaccessible PST files data into PDF format
  • Converts data from PST file of any size without any limitations or complications
  • Naming convention options to save PDF files according to specific details
  • Saves all resultant PDF files at new location in separate folder
  • Keeps email attachments in its original form even after conversion into PDF format

Demo Version and Full Version Comparison

The PST to PDF converter tool is available in Demo version facility that will help to check the ability of tool before investing precious money into licensed version. Using this Trial mode user can convert first 25 items per folder to PDF format for free, if working ability and performance of the tool are suitable for users they can go for purchasing the licensed version of tool.

Full version of PST to PDF converter tool is available in different licenses as per to the needs of users. Personal, Business and Enterprise license of tool are available for users that perform according to requirements. All PST file data will be converted into PDF format without any limitations or restrictions.

Step By Step Guide To Know Working Procedure Of Tool

For obtaining assured results it is necessary to run the tool properly. So in the upcoming segment of the article we will illustrate you how to operate the tool and what are the perquisites of tool.

First download and install full version of tool in your system and run it from Start > All Programs > PST to PDF converter software.

Welcome screen of tool will get open on your screen, now click on ‘Add File’ option to add Outlook PST file with tool.

As soon as you click on Add file option a window will pop up on your screen along with scanning modes. Provide a PST file path to tool to add it with tool and also choose desired scanning mode for resolving PST corruption issues if any.

Finally click on Add File option to load PST file with tool. 

pst to pdf converter

As soon as you click on Add File option, software starts scanning respective PST file and will display preview of PST file contents in software panel. Users can take preview of all emails and other PST file elements into software wizard in different views. Email attachments can also be viewed into software panel before converting them into PDF format.

pst to pdf converter

After taking a preview at data, select the files that you want to convert into PDF format and right click over PST files to export them into PDF format. Or if you want to export all items from PST file select all and click on Export option provided at menu bar of tool.

pst to pdf converter

Soon after clicking on Export option, tool will provide Export options. Choose the files from left panel for converting them into PDF format and also choose naming convention option to save files with some specific details.

pst to pdf converter

Now click on Export option to Convert PST to PDF Files, provide a destination folder for saving PDF files into system.

convert pst to pdf files

Now software will start exporting PST files data into PDF format. Users can view the export process status report on screen and once completed, a message will prompt on your screen.
Users can go to the destination folder to check results of software.

Observations From Tool

If overall observed the tool has some advantages as well as disadvantages so this is the time to reveal some truths about PST to PDF converter tool. First as usual we will discuss positive aspects of tool.

  • The first pros of tool is user interface, the self-instructive steps of tool are easily operable even by novice users. Even person with less technical knowledge can operate the tool without any complications.
  • The second quality of tool is accuracy or reliability; user can free them from worrying about results of tool. All PST files data will be as it is converted into PDF format without any alterations or changes.

After discussion about pros of tool the turn is for discussion about cons side of tool. After analyzing the working of PST to PDF converter tool it can be proudly stated that tool does not contain as such drawback that can disappoint users. It can be sometimes minor issues that can cause hassle for users. In spite of that finding such brilliant application at this price value is difficult to find. So in the end we can only recommend that use it for once via demo version so that idea about how software performs will be cleared and positive results can be obtained. 

Pixtroy is a new photo sharing app for iPhone users. I came across this app few days back. I am going to share my personal experience and opinion about it. It’s a simple photo sharing app which is not a social network. You can consider it a private messaging app, which keeps privacy of pictures as its first priority. Pixtroy has been developed and published by Pixtroy Technologies LLP. Founder Khushal Kholapurkar has great hopes with this app.

I have found it a really nice app, but I would wait until my friends also come on Pixtroy. To send a pic on Pixtroy you need your friends or family to be using Pixtroy. When you share a pic using Pixtroy, it goes to the person, stays for a small span of time and vanishes. That means if you want to share really private and secretive stuff, where you just want to inform that person about it and don’t want that person to keep the pic, Pixtroy does it for you. Share it with the people you care and do not care about your secret being revealed to others.

I am not sure about the security policies of the app. As there are very few users now, and it has been launched recently, I could not see any reviews, good or bad. 

Main Features:

1) Privacy: Privacy of your pics is the USP of Pixtroy. They are trying not to let your friends or family to keep or preserve your pics that you share with them. This features is quite similar to snap chat, you must know if you have used it. 

2) Destruction Effects: The app has 7 different destruction effects that you can use to play around with your pictures. It could be a really fun app if you have your friends and family along. 


Pixtroy is a new app and probably, they will evolve by the time they grow. I loved the UI colors and flow of the app. You can definitely try it out. At last but not the least, they have a very well updated facebook page, with nice shares for photo sharing people.
iTunes Link: Download 
You have a blog or a website, and want to create an android app for the same. But you are stuck at a point as you don't have enough knowledge of Android Programming or you do not have enough money to give to a developer to build your app. No need to worry, as you can build your app absolutely free without knowing any programming. Yes, there are platforms where you can simply give your website url or rss feed and your app will be created within minutes.

There are many such platforms, where you can create such applications. You only need to make a quick search on Google. I am going to talk about one such platform that I had tried recently.

create free android app

1] Goto appyet website.
2] Create an Account
3] Sign in to your Account
4] Click on Create App button.
5] Give Application Name, Package name (user your keyword or app name, it will help when you submit your app to App Store)

create android app

6] Select a template, you can go with a demo template.
7] Give Version name, Application icon & Content Rating. Once done Click on Save Changes.

8] You will see a message as follows, simply click on submit to build. 

9] You will see a confirmation page, click on the Submit to Build button. It will take few minutes to build your app. You will get an email when your application is built. You can also see your created apps under My Apps section (you can find at top right menu.)

You can download the apk file, and directly use on your Android phone. You can put this apk file on your website for your visitors to download. You can also publish it to Google Play Store. 

As I told you, it is really easy and requires no programming to create your Android App. I have shown you how to do it with appyet. You can try other platforms as well. Another such platform to create your free Android app is  AppsGeyser, you can try that out.