Increase Download Speed in uTorrent

uTorrent is a widely used torrent client for downloading files. In this post I am going to mention a tip that will help to increase the download speed.We know that uTorrent does not take full advantage of your High Speed connection. We can see a clear difference while using IDM. IDM downloads much faster than uTorrent. To utilize more of your high speed connection simply follow given steps.

Step 1] Go to Preferences window (press Ctrl+P or click Options -> Preferences.)
Step 2] Click on Bandwidth

You can see that Maximum upload and download rate are set to 0. According to uTorrent download speed will be max at 0 but practically it does not happen every time because of different circumstances.

Step 3] So now change these values. Set Max upload to 8 kB/s (not less than this value) and Max download speed to some higher value say 2000 kB/s.

Click Apply and Press OK, You will see a dramatic change in the download speed.





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